Wudang Xuan Wu Clan Perform Tai Chi in Toulouse


Recently, we have set up the Wudang Pai Kung Fu International Association. The aim of this association is to guarantee the highest-quality traditional teaching of the Wudang Style for students around the globe. The disciples authorised to use the WDPKFIA logo have been chosen by Grand Master You Xuan De and Master Yuan Li Min as the representative for their geographical area. I represent Great Britain, anybody from outside the UK looking for teaching in the Wudang style, please seek out my Kung Fu brothers and sisters in Europe and China, details are listed below.

School Wudang Pai Kung Fu CHINA  Yuan Li Min Wudang San Feng Wushu School
Disciple Yuan Li Min, 15th Generation Disciple
Address Baxianguan Village, Wudang Mountains, Hubei Province, CHINA
Telephone +86 7195664355
Email liming8761@126.com
Website: www.kungfuwudang.com 
School Wudang Pai Kung Fu GUANGDONG Zhing Wei Hai Wudang Pai Kung Fu Goung Dong
Disciple Zhang Wei Hai, 16th Generation Disciple and First Disciple of Yuan Li Min
Address Shenzhen, Guangdong
Telephone +86 13632509295
Email 316951658@qq.com
Website www.wdpwh.com  
School Wudang Pai Kung Fu FRANCE
( Institut Hu Long Shen)
Wei Qing Hu Long Shen
Disciple Yuan Wei Qing AKA Charles Henri-Bemonte, 16th Generation Disciple
Address 6 Rue du Lieutenant-Colonel Rolland, 81000, Albi, FRANCE
Telephone +33 610720952
Email contact@hu-long-shen.fr
Website www.hu-long-shen.fr
School Wudang Pai Kung Fu SPAIN
( You Ch'ing School)
Patxi Marta Blanco You Ch'ing
Disciple Tian Wei Zhang AKA Patxi Marta Blanco, 16th Generation Disciple
Address Los Herran, 9 (bajo) 01 004-Gasteiz
Basque Country (Via Spain)
Telephone +34 945205815
Email info@wudangpai.es
Website www.youching.com
School Wudang Pai Kung Fu SLOVENIA
(Qi Lab. Institute)
Jure Čeh
Disciple Jure Čeh, 16th Generation Disciple (prospect)
Address Istrska ul. 3, 6240 Kozina, Slovenia
Telephone +386 40 632 633
Email info@qi-lab-institute.org
Website http://www.wudangpai-kungfu.si


Wudang Principles Portsmouth

Gordon Faulkner, based in Inverness, is a 15th generation descendant of the Wudang Pai and 2nd Generation Daoyin Yangsheng with classes and seminars throughout Europe.

Bob Lowey

Bob Lowey, based in East Kilbride, is a 15th Generation descendant of the Wudang Pai and teaches Taiji all over Scotland.

Wudang Principles Portsmouth

Cristian Lopez is a student of 15th Generation German Disciple You Li Han teaching Wudang Kung Fu in Portsmouth, UK.

The Seven Heavens Clinic

Faisal and Awais Mian provide acupuncture, massage and Wu Style Taiji teaching in London, UK.

The Seven Heavens Clinic

Jane Innes trained with Gerda Geddes in Yang Style Taijiquan and is a student of 15 Generation Wudang Pai descendants Gordon Faulkner and Chen Lisheng. She teaches in Aberdeenshire.