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which class is right for me?

which class is right for me?Of all the classes, Qi Gong on Thursdays is the most gentle. In these slow-paced classes we go deep into the internal sensation of each movement for health purposes - as such Qi Gong can be studied on its own. However it also forms an excellent accompaniment to its sister art Taiji, by helping students stay grounded in internal sensation rather than external presentation when executing more complex or martial movements. Every Qi Gong and Taiji class taught at the school works towards conditioning the body, mind and spirit to a state suitable for feeling and using your internal energy. Once this basic foundation is laid, any form can be picked up with relative ease. So for the enthusiast, it doesn't matter which class you choose, it's just a case of the more you can train - the better. 

All of the classes are open to all levels of practitioner, it is just up to the student to decide the length of class they wish to attend, and how long a period of study they are prepared to commit to. The Qi Gong and 13-step Taiji classes on Thursdays are one hour long each and can be paid for on a drop-in basis or by monthly advance rate. The Tuesday evening 36-step Taiji class is two hours long and after trying one class, students need to pay for the rest of the term (terms are usually around 12 weeks). For more details, please contact Lucia
tai chi

Qi Gong for health Thursdays @ the Fire Hall 6.30-7.30pm
This hour-long class features a gentle warm-up, breathing exercises, Wudang basics and exercises from Wudang Five Element Qi Gong. Through simple movements, students learn how to let the breath move the body in a way that increases energy, mobility and mental stillness. This entire set of vital exercises from the Wudang Five Element Qi Gong can be practised in a small space, and is suitable for people of all health levels.


Foundation Tai Chi - Partner WorkThursdays @ the Fire Hall 7.30-8.30pm
This hour-long class is suitable for all levels and features a stretch warm up, qi gong, and basic skills for learning the 13-step Wudang Taiji form. This short form is an excellent way of getting to grips with the eight main energetic principles of taiji. Students learn the eight powers by drilling basic skills until the body becomes familiar with the movements, then we start to hone in on the ‘feeling’ of that power.  Two-person application exercises practised gently can also help students to understand how a taiji power works. These elements are then drawn together in the 13-step Wudang form, which can be practised at a slow meditative speed or with emphasis on changes of tempo for a more invigorating practise.


Tai ChiTuesdays @ Methodist Church 7-9pm
This two-hour class for all levels features a thorough stretch warm-up, qi gong, an exploration of Wudang basic skills and the 36-step secret transmission Wudang Tai Chi form. Like the 13-step taiji, this form also features the eight main taiji powers, but expressed in a more complex way. Each step is broken down into simple repeatable movements that allow students of all levels to obtain a decent understanding of the form. These exercises are then drilled repeatedly in a traditional style. 

wudang sword

Wudang SwordThe Wudang sword style is famous for its mix of fast and slow movements which make it exhilarating to practise. Since the sword becomes an extension of the body, this art should only be studied once students are proficient at the empty-hand Wudang Taiji forms. At the school, students initially look at individual sword strokes before going on to study the Wudang Seven Star Sword Form. Attendance of this class is by invite only.

weekend workshops

One Saturday per month @ Shellgrove Community Hall 10am-12pm and 2-5pm
These all levels workshops usually take place on the third Saturday of the month, with the Five Element Qi Gong workshop taking place in the morning, and the 13 Wudang Taiji Principles workshop taking place in the afternoon. In the 13 Principles workshop we look at one principle, like moving around your centreline, and explore the different ways this idea is used in Taiji. Please contact Lucia to book your place.


Thursdays: FIRST HOUR OF TEACHING ON A THURSDAY IS FREE. Thereafter Thursday classes are charged at a rate of £10 per hour for a drop-in class, or £7.50 per hour for the monthly advance rate (£32.50 for one calendar month of 1 hour weekly classes). The monthly discounted rate can be adjusted for those who know in advance that they will be unable to make a session.

Tuesdays: Tuesday classes are sold in term blocks, which are around 12 weeks long. The rate is £15 per class so £180 for a 12-week term. Students unable to make a class within that term can attend a Thursday class for free. Alternatively, the pay as you go rate for Tuesdays is £20 per session.

Weekends: The advance rate is £20 for two hours of Qi Gong or £30 for three hours of Tai Chi. The drop in rate is £25 and £35 respectively.

Concession rates are available for those on benefits and the low waged. Please contact Lucia for details.


Tuesdays 36-step Taiji 7-9pm
Stoke Newington Methodist Church
106 Stoke Newington High St,
London, N16 7NY

Thursday Qi Gong 6.30-7.30pm and 13-Step Taiji 7.30-8.30pm
The Old Fire Station
61 Leswin Road
London, N16 7NX

Saturdays Qi Gong 10am-12pm and 13 Taiji Principles 2-5pm
Shellgrove Community Hall
Shellgrove Road
London, N16 8UU